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   AMICUS  ELEVATOR  CONSULTANTS, LLC Call today for your free phone consultation  301-799-9015    

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge necessary to navigate today's vertical transportation industry with confidience whether maintaining an existing sytem, upgrading an older system or installing a new one.


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Our Clients 

Building Owners and Managers


Facilities Management

Building Engineers

Architects & Developers

Condominium Associations

Colleges & Universities


Commercial Sectors   
Public & Private Facilities


Personal Injury

Insurance Firms & Adjusters    


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Upgrading & Modernization

New Construction

Construction Installation Inspections

Quality Control

System Evaluations

Asset Management

Due Diligence

Contract Review

Traffic Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Peer Review

Expert Witness Testimony

Education & Training


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Areas Served

Our services are provided all across the United States.


Most of our clients are located within the NorthEast:



Washington DC


New York




  There is no job to far for our firm!

Elevator Consultation - Escalator Consultation and all other vertical transportation systems.  We are a completely independent consulting firm determined to solve any problems that you may have with your system(s).  Providing over 40 years of experience to troubleshoot and correct any issue.  AEC will guide you through your project from the beginning to completion.

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