Construction Installation Inspections

AEC’s Construction Installation Inspection (CII) service relieves our customers of the burden of monitoring every aspect of the installation of their vertical transportation system.  Whether you are undertaking a New Construction or a Modernization project, AEC is your partner in ensuring the installation is performed to your exact specifications.


AEC will take a close look at the items specified in your construction documents and monitor your installation company by performing onsite inspection visits throughout the entire project. During each visit we check the progress of the installation, evaluate how the contractor is performing, ensure that the correct materials are being installed, and identify any issues that may be of concern.  After each visit we will provide you with a progress report that includes our findings.  You will always know how your project is progressing and be able to monitor the scheduled completion.


As the project nears completion AEC will develop a punch list of items that need to be completed along with a list of any deficiencies identified and present them to your contractor for corrective action.


Once the project is complete and has been inspected by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction AEC we will do a final walk through to confirm that all items identified for corrective action have been satisfied. 


When the project is turned over to the building you will have the confidence to know that it has been completed within the highest standards and that you have received the product you payed the contractor to install.


Knowledge and experience are key factors when choosing a consultant to assist you with your vertical transportation construction or modernization.  AEC provides over 40 years of experience specializing in vertical transportation construction services, modernization and upgrading, maintenance, and asset management.  Our firm is well versed on associated codes and applicable standards, in addition to local building codes, laws, and regulations.


When you hire AEC, you can be assured that our client's best interest is of the utmost importance and we will be by your side until the project is 100% complete.



When you hire AEC you can be assured that our clients best interest is of the utmost importance and we will be by your side until the project is 100% complete.

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