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Modernization / Upgrading 


A detailed analysis of the existing equipment will be performed to determine the current condition and remaining lifespan of all components.  A full modernization outline is completed along with any building related work required by the authority having jurisdiction and local laws.  AEC specifications include the entire project from the pit to the machine room, including the hoistway, car top and elevator cab.  We will ensure the project meets the needs of the building while staying within your budget.


As specifications are finalized they are forwarded to the client for their review.  Once approved we will send them out to a list of prospective bidders.  We review the bids and present them to the customer with our recommendations for contract award.  AEC will review the shop drawings for compliance with the project specifications and applicable codes.  We conduct an initial project coordination meeting at the jobsite with the contractor and continue to oversee the construction phase through the completion of punch lists. 


Modernization/Upgrading Services Include

  • A detailed analysis is performed of the existing elevator/escalator equipment combined with an evaluation of the building systems.
  • A full report is issued to the client and a meeting is scheduled to discuss findings, recommendations, and budgets.
  • Project Specifications are created as directed by building ownership.
  • The Bidding Process ensues with an invitation to bid issued to several companies.
  • A Bid Analysis occurs by AEC, then an interview is conducted with building ownership.
  • The project is awarded to a successful bidder as directed by building ownership.
  • A contract is drawn up and executed by building ownership and signed by elevator contractor.
  • Shop drawings are prepared and submitted for approval.
  • Modernization work begins with meetings held on site to establish criteria and locations for storage, etc.
  • Construction administration occurs as the work progresses and monitoring continues until the project is complete.

The list above is a general description of the modernization process, if you have specialty needs we are well equipped to provide them as well. 


Additional Services Available

  • Feasibility Study – Conducted to determine if your goal can be achieved in the space available.
  • Project Coordination - We are your site management team for coordinating all specialty fields such as Structural, Mechanical and Electrical.

When you hire AEC you can be assured that our clients best interest is of the utmost importance and we will be by your side until the project is 100% complete.

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