Equipment Evaluations

Knowing the condition of your vertical transportation system and ensuring that it is being properly maintained is critical to your company's bottom line.  Any preventative maintenance program is a perpetual cycle and working on these units demands a high degree of knowledge and expertise to keep them in top working order.  Our equipment evaluation services provide you with expert field knowledge when assessing your equipment's condition and determining if you are receiving the services included in your maintenance agreement.

Due Diligence


Before you purchase, or manage a building, discover the status of the vertical transportation system(s).  AEC will take a comprehensive look at all of the equipment and the maintenance it has been receiving.  AEC will determine how long the system(s) will last with the current maintenance program and what costs would be incurred to bring it up to industry standards and perform repairs or upgrades.

Systems Assessment Condition Report


The systems assessment condition report will review the current maintenance conditions. This report will determine the condition of the vertical transportation equipment and how long it will last.  AEC will identify what can be done to extend the life of the system(s), to eliminate the need to modernize or upgrade.

Maintenance Management Services


AEC will manage the maintenance contract  of your vertical transportation system in its entirety.  This service includes monitoring the level of maintenance provided and issuing deficiencies related to the operation of your systems equipment on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.  A list of deficiencies is issued to your maintenance provider with a directive to correct all items included in their contract.  This product is generally short lived because once the maintenance provider discovers that AEC is monitoring and critiquing their performance they begin to perform more consistently.  If the performance of your provider does not improve to an acceptable level, we will assist the owner in obtaining a replacement maintenance provider.

Quality Control Evaluation


The quality control evaluation (QCE) is designed to trouble shoot existing performance issues and identify any current maintenance deficiencies.  Deficiencies that need to be corrected by your maintenance provider are included in the report.  This is an essential service for extending the life of your vertical transportation system.  

Systems Evaluation Report


The systems evaluation report (SER) is a comprehensive evaluation that will identify why a vertical transportation system is breaking down and what can be done to correct the situation.  Your maintenance provider should be using maintenance check charts that dictate what should be done to keep your equipment in good working order.  AEC will ascertain the quality of maintenance you are receiving and what problems and issues that are driving the breakdowns.  AEC will analyze every component of the system and issue a detailed report explaining our findings.  The SER will explain all avenues available to you for correcting the items identified along with associated costs.  Deficiencies listed in this SER will require corrections by your maintenance provider to extend the life of the vertical transportation system.


This report includes:

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Maintenance Audit
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Code & ADA Analysis
  • Equipment Status
  • System Profile

Code Certification and Inspections


We provide third party code inspection services as dictated by “The Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ).

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